One of Turkey's first private rail transportation companies, Ar-Gü began operations in 2003 with the goal of expanding the use of railway for domestic transportation.

Ar-Gü has 256 RGS platform wagon ( containers, profiles, steel pipes ) 100 RGNS platform wagon ( containers, profiles, steel pipes )  164 SGS platform wagon ( only containers are tranported on special type platform wagons ) 93 REGS platform wagon ( containers, palletize goods, profiles, angle irans, steel pipes are transported ) 79 Laagrs platform wagon ( 80 and 90 feet containers are transported ) 

Ar-Gü has a large service network that can meet increasing demand by providing intermodal transportation solutions for all types of bulk and pallet-shipped goods between its own stations.

In addition, Ar-Gü offers door to door combined road and rail tarsnportation services for import-export buyers between ports and railway stations.

The company owns 1500  containers of 20 feet Open Top as well as a total of 692 rail cars (356 RGS, 164 SGS, 93 REGS, 79 Laagrs )


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