Our first priority here at Ar-Gü is always workplace safety and health.

In all of its activities in İstanbul, Karabük and İskenderun where we provide railway transport organizations and wagon maintenance, Ar-Gü's policy is to prevent, as much as possible, any harm to our employees, our customers, institutions working on our behalf and 3rd parties as well as damage to equipment or to minimize such damage if prevention is not possible.

Our goals:
  • To minimize the risk of work-related sickness, injury and damaged goods by taking necessary precautions,
  • To make the work environment and conditions safe and healthy,
  • To enhance employee health, morale and motivation,
  • To comply with the laws, regulations, by-laws and standards of Turkey as they relate to workplace health and safety,
  • To implement international workplace safety and health standards in compliance with Turkish laws and conditions,
  • To ensure an awareness of workplace health and safety as well as an understanding and sharing of responsibility with full employee participation,
  • To ensure effective work flow by creating living procedures in our management, planning and business activities,
  • To stay abreast of and make new technology and applications in the field of workplace health and safety part of the existing system,
  • To organize training and meetings for the purpose of enhancing workplace health and safety awareness in all employees, customers and subcontractors.
  • To always be prepared so that in emergency situations there will be no injury to persons or equipment,
  • To monitor the performance of workplace health and safety management systems and conduct continuous efforts to improve these systems.

    All managers are responsible for ensuring that our policy and objectives are properly understood and implemented by our employees and our service providers for a healthier and safer workplace.

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