Sidelifters resemble normal semi truck trailers, except that they feature movable lifting arms that are equipped with hydraulic pumps. The vehicle's driver operates the lifters using a simple remote control connected by a cable.

Containers weighing up to 33 tons can be loaded or unloaded in 7-10 minutes using these rapid mobile lifting arms. You can benefit from our container handling services anywhere in Turkey.
Tipping Chassis

A "tipping chassis," also referred to as a "dumper chassis," makes it possible to discharge granulated raw materials shipped in containers equipped with inner-liner bags directly into factory silos by means of a hydraulic cylinder on the chassis.

Container Winches

Two types of KALMAR DRD420-70S5 are used to load and unload containers from rail cars onto semi truck trailers and vice-versa.


Forklifts are used to load and unload containers at locations that do not have loading or unloading ramps.


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