Our goal is to be a highly competitive company that functions with team spirit and respects ethical values while purposing to maintain excellent employee motivation and productivity with continuous training, to offer customers the best service at the most affordable rates by staying abreast of innovations in technology, thereby allowing us to maintain uninterrupted customer satisfaction and ensure continual improvement.


To obtain for Ar-Gü a lasting corporate image and to make Ar-Gü one of the Group's successful enterprises, a sought-after brand in the sector as well as an honest, responsible company that employees are proud of.


   In order to produce intelligent and efficient solutions for customer demands and expectations

 - Safe-guarding customer satisfaction with quality service, order, discipline and integrity
 - Fulfilling the requirements of the Quality Management System continually and without interruption,
 - Identifying quality objectives in terms of companies and processes, reviewing the possibility of achieving them on a regular basis, initiating appraisals for  unachieved objectives and striving to enhance objectives,
 - Providing our employees with personal development and a motivating work environment that offers training and is based on the philosophy of continuing  development,
 - Assisting and supporting customers in their success by predicting and meeting internal and external customer needs,
 - Transferring the quality awareness it has ingrained in its employees to customers and suppliers alike,
 - To be an example of corporate structure and business integrity,
 - To be open to technological innovation and modernization,
 - Ar-Gü's fundamental duty is to constantly improve its processes and Quality Management System so that it meets customer expectations, changing conditions and our objectives.


OUR CUSTOMERS : Are the focus of all our activities. In our area of service, the benefit we provide to our customers reinforces their confidence in us. As we provide our services, we take the necessary precautions to protect the security and integrity of the goods that our customers have entrusted to us as we are aware of the high value placed on these goods.

OUR EMPLOYEES : Employees are the people who make Ar-Gü a success. Focus on the human element is the most fundamental principle of success. For this reason, it values its employees and expects them to be educated, inquisitive, competitive, healthy, highly motivated individuals who stay abreast of developments, conduct research and do not hesitate to take success to higher levels.

LEGAL LIABILITIES : Ar-Gü is a company with integrity that respects laws and regulations and complies with their requirements in a timely fashion.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: We create new standards and raise the bar through innovation in order to constantly improve our process outputs.

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