Our first priority here at Ar-gü is to be sensitive to the environment, contribute to the preservation of our natural environment.

Our goals,
  • To comply with the relevant national and international laws in our activities,
  • To Take measures for the most efficient use of our natural resources and continuously improve,
  • To promote the use of recyclable and environmentally less harmful materials
  • Accidents and emergencies that may occur as a result of pollution to be able to intervene quickly and effectively by preparing an emergency response plan
  • To organize trainings that increase awareness of environmental protection of employees and our suppliers in order to be more sensitive towards the environment,
  • To evaluate and make continuous improvements our environmental performance by regularly monitoring in our operations and our service
  • To identify environmental aspects and impacts of our services, ensure measures without creating additional risks.
  • Ar-Gü employee’s main task is comply with the environmental policy and objectives to leave more livable environment for future generations.

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